Sunday, September 19, 2010

Classroom Newsletters

We all know that developing relationships with parents can be very helpful. It helps parents to entrust their children to our care for a significant part of their lives. Our students benefit by having important people in their lives working together on their part. When we have healthy relationships with parents, we are able to communicate better and enlist their help.

One facet of building a relationship is through clear communication. While face to face communication is often best, it's not always possible or practical. A classroom newsletter can be used to communicate with parents and encourage two-way communication.

I teach in a very diverse community in which the majority of parents speak and read English. I use Comic Life to publish our classroom newsletters. My students and I plan and create them.

My goals are to inform parents about the current work and standards, give specific expectations and offer means of contacting me. I do this by using brief text boxes, photographs and other images. I believe Comic Life provides an efficient, attractive way to include and arrange the elements I need.

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