Monday, September 6, 2010

Classroom Environment: Beginning the School Year

When people walk into my classroom, they often remark how "neat," "organized," or "calm" it is. My classroom is intentionally "sparse." As a Responsive Classroom teacher, I believe the space we work in is extremely important. It must be organized so that students can use the resources efficiently. I have the luxury of ample storage space so all materials not currently being used are out of sight.

The only things I want "in sight" are learning tools and student displays. Since there is no student work to display in August, room set up is uncomplicated. My classroom library remains as it was the previous year. My students will browse bins and get to know the organizational scheme on day two.

Some student materials are set out for use on the first day: atlases for a geography activity, assorted dictionaries, student binders, planners, etc. as students begin using them on day one. On the walls are two resources we'll reference the first day.

My goal is to have my students, upon walking into our room, feel that the room will meet their needs: space to move and work, tools to assist them learn, and lots of possibilities!

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