Monday, January 17, 2011

Using Webquests

A WebQuest is a teacher-created learning experience which is based on using information from the web. It is an inquiry-based experience that was developed by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University in 1995. Templates are available from educational sites such as QuestGarden, which also provides examples and guiding questions.

I created and used a WebQuest for my sixth-grade Social Studies students as a final project for our study of ancient civilizations. "Those Were The Days" guides students to create an historical character from China, Greece or Rome.

My students learned about life in ancient times through the websites I linked to the WebQuest. They took notes in preparation for a videotaped conversation with a small group of classmates, which they were able to view and assess their own performances.

I feel there are several advantages to using a WebQuest:

· students receive structured guidance to work at their pace and ability
· websites are evaluated by the teacher and provided to students, eliminating searching
· a scoring rubric is posted for student access
· selected websites have excellent images as well as text to support learners

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