Saturday, May 2, 2015

Catching Up!

Where have the past four months gone? We became a 1:1 iPad school in January. As the Technology Integrationist for my school, I have been extremely busy. Too busy for writing blog posts, so it seems. I am attempting to catch up a bit now, highlighting some of my favorite work done in my lab and in the classrooms I support.

One of my favorite apps is Educreations. This app belongs in the category of "Evergreen apps", a term I was introduced to by Tom Daccord at ISTE 2014. Evergreen apps are non-subject apps that can be used to create. The creation features in Educreations include drawing, writing, using images and speaking.

Here are some examples:
4th graders were working with unit conversions
1st graders illustrated fact families

K's wrote a number, then those that come before/after
1st graders worked on addition


Recording and reflections on a poem

All work is saved as videos, allowing for voice narration. Using a free classroom account, teachers can model tasks for students. The recordings are easily shared with students. These lessons can be a great way to provide support for work in centers or to individual students based on their needs. All student work gets sent to the teacher.

I think of Educreations as a digital whiteboard with loads of extras. In the SAMR model, it definitely can be used for Redefinition of tasks.

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