Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bulletin Boards 2.0

I am not a fan of bulletin boards. I see them as static wastes of space as they are used in many classrooms and a contributor to the practice of visual over stimulation. However, there are instances in which bulletin boards can convey useful information. This post describes my latest attempt to do so.

I teach in a computer lab. I rarely print student work. My students use Google Apps and other applications that allow them to save their work digitally. My newest bulletin board takes advantage of QR codes to display student work. Using this method, students, parents and teachers can view projects done by themselves and others. They will be able to see the array of skills used and how work changes from Kindergarten through grade 5.

I have shown the ISTE NETS with Creative Commons images arranged over a cloth backing. I have just begun to attach QR codes for representative student samples and rubrics. In the center, I gave an explanation guiding people how to view the work. My next step is to provide a brief label for each QR code.

We are becoming a 1:1 iPad school later this month. With all students having the ability to generate QR codes and scan them, I plan on adding many more pieces of student work and rubrics. I like the fact that this bulletin board is capable of communicating a lot of information.

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