Sunday, July 14, 2013

Communicate easily with padlet

I have been using padlet with my Summer school students. used to be called Wallwisher. It is "Paper for the Web." Signing up for a free account is easy, requiring only an email address. There are many options for the appearance of your wall. Once created, you are provided with a link or code to embed. There are also many options to share it on social media. I provide a link to students, who then double click on the wall to write. Images can also be put onto walls.

Students can comment with their name or anonymously. The example above is feedback I collected from my students. They enjoyed having a public forum for their writing. I enjoyed the instantaneous nature and viewing ease.

I have been thinking of other uses with students and fellow staff:
  • virtual bulletin board
  • introductions with pictures
  • collect anonymous... problems, solutions, observations, questions, comments
  • vote or make choices
  • KWL chart
  • collect data to classify; arrange graphically
The website has a gallery showing examples of what people have created on their walls. I would love to hear your ideas!

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