Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Using technology to differentiate

I believe that using technology can really help teachers differentiate instruction. I am currently working with a group of first graders who need extra help with addition concepts and skills. On some days, they are joined by others (who I quickly discover) have higher skill levels.

After some whole group work, I differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each learner. I can only do this quickly because I know of many resources at my immediate disposal.

Here is a plug for a new tool to help you find websites and apps. Check out graphite at (I am one of their Common Sense Educators!)

Since I am familiar with lots of digital resources, I can quickly have students who still struggle with number recognition and order playing a game that helps with those skills while...

other students can increase their addition fluency by challenging other players online...

while others select their own difficulty level (guided or directed by me) to find combinations of addends...

at the same time that a final group needs to be challenged at a much higher level!

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