Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Explore an Idea and Create!

I like pairing a concept lesson with a chance for students to create. Recently, my first graders and I watched the Colors movie on BrainPop Jr. (If you don't know BrainPOP, check it out at BrainPOP Jr. is for primary students.)

In a brief discussion before the movie, I discovered that none of the students knew what tints and shades were, so that became our focus. After viewing the movie, we discussed the concepts. I showed them artwork I had created in which I experimented with shades and tints of blue.

I also modeled in Tux Paint how they could select shades and tints of a color. There are several other drawing programs available, such as Seashore, that also have the full spectrum of colors.

This was a rewarding activity. Some of my students have already become reluctant artists who feel they "can't draw." I purposely modeled my "blues" as a very random collection using various tools. All students were able to create an interesting final product.

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