Thursday, May 24, 2012

Screencasting with screenr

I have been experimenting with creating screencasts for my students to use.  I have used screenr, which is free, to model a series of steps for my 4th graders who are creating Scratch projects.  They can watch and listen, pausing when needed to follow the instructions.  I have also used it with 5th grade students who have had to do their work in a different room.  The following screenshots are from my screencast showing them how to edit photos with Seashore.

As you record, you can choose what part of your screen to show.  So far I have stayed with full screen so that I can concentrate on my actions and words.

These are the directions:

The screencast can be a maximum of 5 minutes in length.  When finished, you can select how to share.

I copy and paste the url onto my Symbaloo webmix so that students have easy access.

When my students click on the tile, they see this window:

Quoting my students, using screenr is "easy peasy!"  My next step is to try screencasting with Snagit, which has more features.  (Post to follow!)

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