Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break...time for blog posts!

It's hard to believe that Spring Break is here!  I only have 12 weeks left of my first year as a technology specialist.  I have been so busy creating units and teaching, that I have neglected this blog.  Time to play catch up!

A Promethean interactive whiteboard was installed in my lab in October and I have definitely become dependent on it.  I use it for modeling in my mini-lessons, for which my students sit in rows on the floor at the beginning of class.  Using the board is a great way to show my students how to navigate Google Earth, manipulate an image in Comic Life or Glogster, or use the formatting toolbar in Word.

With my Kindergarten though second-graders, we use the Promethean board to do activities together.  We play educational games on websites such as PBS Kids, TVO Kids and Starfall.  I also create activities on flipcharts.  We sort concepts, create timelines and label objects in photographs of scenes from around the world.  During these sessions, my students have the pen 90% of the time.  I use my class lists to determine whose turn it is, having students "pass the pen" to their classmates.  This ensures equal access to all.

I appreciate the ability to explore technology as a group using the Promethean board in contrast to having students work independently at their computers.  I believe it helps in building community and allows us to learn more from each other.

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